From Long Bay Okura Great Park Society.


Make a positive difference to your local Community

A very good 2017 to all of you! Let’s hope it will see progress on safeguarding this jewel that is the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve.
The preparations to stand up at the environment court to protect the Okura estuary once again against the greedy developers have been continuing, and many people have helped. But we need to go a lot wider now, and hopefully all of you will be able to participate in selling our AMAZING RAFFLE…..
We urgently need your help – big fund raiser for our LBGP legal battle against greedy developers. We need as many people as possible to help sell raffle tickets.
Wonderful prizes, including kayak, roof-rack for kayak, kayak tours and more!!!!
But we must sell 20,000 tickets! And we hope you can help.

How it works:

contact Pete Townend to obtain raffle booklets on:4730797 or 02745292555
After you have sold the tickets, you return the stubs and the money to Pete.
A booklet has 10 tickets, and each ticket is $5.00. It may be an idea to start with about 5 booklets, you can get more if they are all sold!