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Stunning drone footage highlights Okura values threatened by development

Okura estuary from the air and under water - showcasing the marine life, endangered birds, and stunning landscape and recreational values that are still under threat by development. Take a virtual walk through this special coastal forest, see it "like the godwit flies" , and hear visitors describe why they support our fight to keep greedy development away.
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Last estuary on North Shore under threat

The Okura Estuary at the northern end of the North Shore is the last estuary on the North Shore in good condition. Its waters have not been degraded and it provides a healthy environment for abundant marine life. Dolphin and whales have been seen playing in the waters and it is an important breeding ground for migratory birds such as the godwits. But it is under threat with the development of the Auckland Unitary Plan.
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March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Long Bay-Okura Great Park supporters...

The Society is deeply concerned that some of what so many of us fought for in the past may be lost. As I have told you in previous newsletters, the process of developing the Auckland Unitary Plan has put the protections we achieved for Long Bay and Okura in danger of being overturned.
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A stunning addition to Long Bay Regional Park

Congratulations, all supporters and friend of the Long Bay-Okura Great Park Society. You made it possible.

Last month some past and present members of the executive committee were invited to a small ceremony hosted by the Auckland Council to celebrate the transfer of the Heritage Protection Area of the Long Bay Structure Plan (fondly known as the HPA) to public ownership.
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