May 2008 Newsletter

  • Changes to the Society’s rules.

I would like to extend a special invitation to our general meeting on 22 May. This will be an important meeting as we will be discussing the proposed changes to the Society’s rules.

The current rules date back to 2001 and need to be changed to better reflect our present purpose and the roles of the Society. The major changes are new clauses to our objectives and powers such as formalising the Society’s ability to raise money to purchase park land in Long Bay and Okura.

Still no news on the Environment Court case and as yet we have had no indication from the Judge as to when the decision is expected.

Many thanks to those who came to our most recent fundraising movie – The Painted Veil. I have had lots of good reports from you saying the movie was fantastic and the scenery incredible. I’m glad you liked it and I hope our next movie will be as great a success.

Fiona McLaughlin

Changes to the Society’s rules

Official Announcement

  1. NAME
    The purposes and objectives for which the Society is established are:
    (a) To be beneficial to the community by establishing a large public park at Long Bay – Okura.
    (b) To be beneficial to the community by protecting the environment through the conservation, revegetation and beautification of the existing public park land at Long Bay – Okura.
    (c) To improve the conditions of life of the members of the general public by helping to provide facilities for recreation through the provision of existing and future public park land at Long Bay – Okura.
    (d) To be beneficial to the community to by promoting public support for a large public park at Long Bay – Okura.
    (e) To be beneficial to the community by raising funds to assist in the purchase of further public park land at Long Bay – Okura.
    (f) To advance education by providing opportunities for learning about the environment and conservation and thereby promoting a greater understanding and enjoyment of the environment and the vegetation and animal life contained in the public park land at Long Bay – Okura.
    (g) To foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the benefits to the public of a large public park at Long Bay – Okura.
    (h) To be beneficial to the community through the protection and conservation of the landscape and archaeological resources of Long Bay – Okura.
    (i) To be beneficial to the community through the protection and enhancement of the Long Bay – Okura Marine Reserve.
    (j) To support and promote actions by members of the Long-Bay Okura Great Park Society or other associations or other persons in pursuance of objectives the same or similar to those of this Society.
    The powers of the Society shall be as follows:
    (a) To raise funds and receive grants to purchase further public park land at Long Bay – Okura and to further the purposes of the Society.
    (b) To use the funds of the Society for and to do all things as shall further the attainment of the ab ove objectives.
    (c) To hold purchase acquire by gift devise or bequest or otherwise take on lease any property real or personal in the name of the Society which shall advance the purposes of the Society and to sell exchange lease or hire out and gra nt any option over any such property and to develop build on or otherwise turn to account any such property in the provision of the Great Park.
    (d) To the extent that the funds of the Society arenot required for the immediate business of the Society they may be invested and reinvested from time to time in such securities as are authorized by law for the investment of trust funds and upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Committee shall think fit.
    (e) Pursuant on each and every occasion to a resolution of the Society passed in general meeting the Executive Committee may borrow or raise money from time to time by the issue of debenture bonds, mortgages, or any other security founded or based on all or any of the property and / or rights of the Society or otherwise as are customary.
    (f) To provide any or all services or facilities which may in the opinion of the Executive Committee be conducive to promoting greater enjoyment and better utilization of the public parkland at Long Bay – Okura.
    (g) To make representations and submissions to local and government Bodies and any other appropriate party in respect of any matter relating to the provision of public park land at Long Bay – Okura.
    (h) To engage professional or voluntary tutors, tea chers and assistants of all descriptions on contract or otherwise and to enter into contract to arrange for the employment of any such person on any basis advantageous to the purposes of the Society.
    (i) To carry on the business of promoters, publishers, printers, advertisers and advisors and any other similar activities or business which can conveniently be carried on in connection therewith.
    (j) To adopt such means of making known the activities and objects of the Society and its facilities as may seem expedient, and in particular by advertising in the Press, on the internet, by email, by circulars, by publication of books, periodicals and pamphlets or any other form of advertising.
    (k) To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, property, assets and liabilities of any persons company or Body corporate carrying on any business or activity which the Society is hereby authorized to carry on or can conveniently be carried on in connection with the objects of the Society.
    (l) To enter into any partnership, union or interests, co-operation, joint venture or reciprocal conce ssion with any person, company or Body corporate, carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction which this Society is authorized to carry on, or engage in any business or transaction capable of being conducted so, as directly to indirectly to benefit this Society.
    (m) To enter into any arrangement with any Government or authority, supreme municipal local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Society’s purposes or any of them and to obtain from such Government or authority anyrights, privileges or concessions which the Society may think it is desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges or concessions.
    (n) To draw make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable or transferable instruments.
    (o) To obtain any Court Order Regulation Order in C ouncil or Act of parliament for enabling the Society to carry any of its purposes into effect or for effecting any modification of the Society’s Constitution or Rules or for a ny other purpose which may seem expedient and to oppose any proceedings orapplications which may seem calculated directly orindirectly to prejudice the Society’s interests.
    (a) Membership of the Society is open to any personor group of persons interested in the Long Bay – Okura Great Park concept upon payment of due subscriptions.
    (b) Any member may resign from the Society by giving the secretary written notice to that effect and paying all subscriptions theretofore due.
    (c) The Executive Committee shall have power to determine any membership without explanation on a vote of not less than four or two-thirds of the Executive Committee whichever is the greater.
    (a) Every annual general meeting of the Society sha ll elect the following officers from the financial members of the Society, for a term of one year:
    (i) Convenor
    (ii) Deputy Convenor
    (iii) Secretary
    (iv) Treasurer
    (b) Additional members shall be elected for a term of one year to an executive committee of ten members. Such officers and members shall be eligible for re-election.
    (a) The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the officersand members elected thereto at the Annual General Meeting.
    (b) Any meeting of the Executive Committee may elect any one or more financial members to augment the Executive Committee.
    (c) Any meeting of the Executive Committee may co-opt one or more financial members to augment the Committee.
    (d) The Executive Committee may appoint Sub-committees including financial members of the Society co-opted by the Executive Committee for the purposes of any such Sub-Committee.
    (e) The Executive Committee shall generally conduct the affairs of the Society, keep usual and proper books of accounts properly posted up and other records of the business of the Society and shall notify members of intended general meetings and the business to be conducted thereat, and prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting an annual report, balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year.
    (f) The Executive Committee may be convened to meetat such places and times such as the Convenor in or case of his/her absence, inability or refusal to act the Deputy Convenor shall appoint.
    (g) A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of the Convenor (or in his/her absence the Deputy Convenor) and two other Committee Members.
    (a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March each year upon a date and at a place within the North Shore area to be fixed by the Executive Committee.
    (b) The business of each such meeting shall be:
    (i) To receive from the Executive Committee an annual report audited balance sheet and statement of accounts for the financial year ending on the preceding 31 December.
    (ii) To elect officers and members of the Executive Committee.
    (iii) To decide on any resolution that may be duly submitted to the meeting.
    (a) All general meetings of the Society whether annual or otherwise shall be called by not less than seven days’ notice.
    (b) The notice shall state the date place and time of the meeting and the business to be conducted.
    (c) Every notice to members shall be deemed to havebeen duly delivered if posted by pre-paid letter addressed to the last known place of abode or business of the member.
    A special general meeting shall be called for any special purpose by the Secretary on the request of not less than four members of the Society or in the event of the absence inability or failure of the Secretary to act within fourteen days, upon the petition and notice of the said members.
  10. QUORUM
    At any General Meeting five financial members shall constitute a Quorum.
    (a) At all General Meetings the chair shall be taken by the Convenor or in his/her absence any other officer elected thereto for the purpose of the meeting and every financial member present in person may exercise one vote on each motion.
    (b) In the case of an equality of votes the Convenor or other such officer in the chair shall have a casting as well as a deliberate vote.
    (c) Voting at any General Meeting shall be either by ballot or by show of hands as decided at each meeting.
  12. FUNDS
    (a) The funds of the Society consisting of all moneys received by or on behalf of the Society shall be paid forthwith to the credit of the Society in a proper bank account from time to time to be named by the Executive Committee.
    (b) A cheque and withdrawal slips drawn on the account or accounts of the Society shall be signed by any two of the following the Convenor, Deputy Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, and one member of the Executive Committee as named from time to time in a General or Executive Committee meeting.
    Subscriptions shall be paid yearly in advance at the rate prescribed from time to time by a General meeting of the Society.
    (a) These rules may be rescinded added to or amended by resolution passed at any general meeting provided that written details of such proposed changes shall have been forwarded to each member with the notice of the general meeting at least 14 days before the meeting.
    (b) Copies of every such change to the rules shall forthwith be registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies and notified to the Charities Commission.
    (a) The Executive Committee shall appoint a common seal of the Society and shall be responsible for its safe custody and control.
    (b) Whenever the common seal is required to be affixed to any deed document writing or other instrument the seal shall be fixed pursuant to a resolution ofthe Executive Committee or of the Society and shall be affixed by the Convenor and Secretary or in the alternative by either of them together with one other Executive Committee member and the persons so affixing the seal shall at the same time sign the document to which the seal is so affixed.
    If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Society there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Society.
    Such remaining property shall be given or transferred to some other approved charitable organisation having same or similar objectives of this Society within New Zealand. In the event of a default (Committee being unable to decide) the remaining assets are to be distributed as a Judge of the High Court directs.
    (a) Any income, benefit or advantage must be used to advance the charitable purposes of the Society.
    (b) No private pecuniary profit shall be made by any person from the Society, except that:
    (i) Any member may receive full reimbursement of all expenses properly incurred by that member in connection with the affairs of the Society;
    (ii) The Society may pay reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or servant of the Society (whether a member or not) in return for services actually rendered to the Society;
    (iii) Any member may be paid all usual professional , business charges for any services rendered, time expended and all acts done by that member or by any firm or entity of which that member is a member, employee or associate in connection with the affairs of the Society;
    (iv) Any member may retain any remuneration properly payable to that member by any company or undertaking with which the Society may be in any way concerned or involved for which that member has acted in any capacity whatever, notwithstanding that member’s connection with that company or undertaking is in any way attributable to that member’s connection with the society.
    (c) Provided that no member or person associated with a member of the Society shall derive any income benefit or advantage from the Society where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage except where that income, benefit or advantage is derived from:
    (i) professional services to the Society rendered in the course of business, charged at no greater than current market rates, or
    (ii) Interest on money lent at no greater rate than current market rates
    (d) No member of the Society, or anyone associated with a member, is allowed to take part in, or influence any decision made by the Society in respect of payments to, or on behalf of, the member or associated person any income, benefit or advantage.

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