September 2008 Newsletter

  • Outcome from the Environment Court
  • A Gala Concert to Save Long Bay

Outcome from the Environment Court

As you would have seen in the newspapers recently the Environment Court has now released an interim decision that sets out guidelines on the new Long Bay Structure Plan. As part of this, the judge has created four buffers between the Long Bay Regional Park and adjacent development in which no buildings are allowed.

The first of these is a Heritage Protection Area at the seaward end of Awaruku Ridge extending inland to 30m beyond the ditch and bank running across the hillside (visible as a scar across the hill from Beach Road). It also includes most of the slopes above the Red Shed on the northern side of the ridge. This protects the Maori and early-settler archaeological sites on the headland and provides a visual buffer between the park and any development.

The second buffer is on Homestead Spur. This spur runs from the bridge on the Nature Walk (the one crossing Vaughans Stream behind the plant nursery) northward up to Grannies Ridge behind Vaughan’s Homestead. The buffer on this spur will prevent housing from overlooking the Vaughan’s Homestead and the nature walkway and keep houses behind the spur out of sight from most of the park.

The third and fourth buffers keep housing off Grannies Ridge and Piripiri Point Ridge above Grannies Bay and overlooking Okura. Grannies Ridge runs from the Grannies Bay sign on the cliff tops westwards to the woolshed up by the clump of pine trees on the skyline. The buffer on this ridge requires all housing to be hidden from Grannies Bay, although the shape of the ridge may be changed to achieve this.

Piripiri Point Ridge runs north from the woolshed along the skyline right to Piripiri Point at the end of the Regional Park. The judge has prohibited all building on this ridge. This will protect the skylines of Okura, Gra nnies Bay and Pohutukawa Bay.

The judge also declared that the land bounded by these two ridges, the Homestead Spur and Vaughans Stream constitute an Outstanding Natural Landscape.

The setting aside of the buffers is a great result for the Society and will mean much more protection to the Long Bay Regional Park and that most of the Park will not be immediately overlooked by housing.

Although the interim decision has been released the Court process is not yet over and there is still a lot of work to be completed to finalise the decision. The Judge’s decision outlines in
broad terms what he wants to happen in the Structure Plan and it is now up to all the parties, the Great Park Society, North Shore City Council, Landco and the others to agree
as to what this decision actually means on the grou nd. Some areas of the Judge’s decision were laid out very clearly, detailing what he requires. In other areas the Judge has given some
suggestions as to possible solutions and has asked the parties to work out the best resolution and report back to him.

We have met with the other parties twice as part of the process to finalise the Structure Plan. As part of these discussions we are working through where the exact boundaries of the buffers will lie. Unfortunately until we have determined these boundaries we will not be able to provide you with a plan showing the extent of the buffers. Once we have worked through these negotiations the Society will come back to yo u with a plan outlining where the buffers are. At our next General Meeting we’ll outline to you in a broad sense where the buffers are located so please come along.

A Gala Concert to Save Long Bay

It’s not long now to our Gala Concert which will be held at the Bruce Mason Theatre at 2pm on Sunday 21st September. We are very lucky that one of our members, international pianist, Nan Gibson, has organised this concert with her friends: Edria Voursalle, a soprano from America, and Mark Paine, who plays French horn in Britain and Europe. These artists have donated their talents to the Great Park Society.

The programme looks fantastic. It starts with some classical music from Mozart and Schubert. It moves on to some arrangements of Ameri can folk songs for voice and piano. Next is Lehar’s Vilja from “The Merry Widow” and some horn solos with piano accompaniment. The performance ends with a selection from popular musical theatre. It should be an incredible afternoon!

If you haven’t booked your tickets already please call me (Fiona on 473 3779) or Beth (on 473 5097) to make your booking. Tickets cost $31 each at the special discount rate for members. The Society is proposing to use all funds raised to help us purchase land to add to the protection of the Long Bay Regional Park.

Warmest Regards,
Fiona McLaughlin

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