May 2009 Newsletter

  • New Convenor
  • Long Bay Structure Plan
  • Development of Trust
  • Submissions

It is with pleasure I write to you as the incoming Convenor of the Society.

It was with regret that we accepted Fiona McLaughlin’s resignation as Convenor, but you will be very pleased and relieved to know that she is staying on the executive committee continuing to take a very active role, particularly in matters related to ongoing judicial proceedings and as our representative at inter-party talks about implementation of the court decision on the Long Bay Structure Plan.

Our AGM last month saw other changes to the executive committee. We sadly accepted the resignation of Jan Von Pein who has been on the executive since its inception over twelve years ago. She has been an unswerving willing worker for all those years, taking secretarial and administrative roles, maintaining the archives, helping to organize a number of events, participating in funding raising projects, and involved in a myriad of other ways. Thank you Jan for all that you have contributed to the successes the Society has achieved so far.

We also farewell Harry Duncan from the committee. Harry has been an enthusiastic supporter, again from the Society’s inception, and taken an active role on the committee over the past three years, particularly in lobbying and making funding applications and submissions on behalf of the Society. Thank you too Harry for your input.

We welcomed on to the committee John Zhang who cameto New Zealand from China seven years ago. He has an interest in environment issues and we are pleased that he chose our Society in which to become involved.

We will appreciate his management and computer skills which he brings to the committee.

Other members on the committee are: Bernard Stanley (Deputy Convenor), Chris McDonald (Secretary), Barry Tripp (Treasurer), Beth Burns, Jennifer Price, Dianne Gatward and Phil Yates. Each has been on the committee previously, some like Bernard and Beth for over ten years, and all have in-depth knowledge of the Society’s work and aspirations.

We would again like to thank you all who have helped the Society in your various ways, be it from financial support through to active participation in tasks such as fundraising, telephone trees, helping with the newsletter, looking after membership lists and subscriptions, galvanising members for action, and the list goes on. An invitation is also extended to any who
would like to further help with these activities and others as they arise.

We would like to invite any of you to feel welcome to contact any of the committee if you would like to discuss any ideas, questions or concerns that you may have about the Society and its activities.

Best Wishes,
Chris Bettany

Long Bay Structure Plan

There are still areas of contention in developing and implementing the Long Bay Structure Plan in accordance with the Environment Court’s decision.

These include the size of the buffer area around one of the archaeological sites and ensuring that houses built in the developed area are not seen from Grannies Bay, as outlined by Fiona in the March newsletter.

The Society participated in a judicial conference on 4 May. At the meeting the Court set aside 22 June to make a decision on the buffer if the parties have not reached an agreement beforehand.

In the meantime, the parties are working on a Land Use Strategy that will provide the basis for the objectives, policies of the Structure Plan. The NSCC will shortly begindrafting the wording of the resulting rules, and this is due to be completed by 16 July. We will have one month to comment on this, then all parties willattempt to resolve their differences. The Court has set the week of 12 October for the final hearing of any issues still outstanding at that point.

Development of Trust

As you will recall, the North Shore City Council has pledged $5 million dollars with conditions towards the purchase of land at Long Bay which will complement that which has been protected from development by the Environment Court. It is a requirement that a separate trust be formed to raise the necessary funds and negotiate purchase. The Society has been pursuing this, and discussions have started with a prospective person to lead the trust. We will keep you informed of progress.


Over the past month, the Society has made submissions regarding the North Shore City Council Fifteen Year Plan, amendments to the Resource Management Act and ARC Regional Parks Management.

We are currently preparing a submission to the ARC Long Term Council Community Plan.

The main objective of our submissions has been to advocate for protection and acquisition of strategic pieces of land adjacent to the regional park to meet the passive recreational needs of the burgeoning population of Auckland. These submissions can be viewed on the website.

Fundraising Movie

Sunday 7th June at 6pm Bridgeway Cinema, Queen Street, Northcote
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Jessica Biel
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entrenched British stuffiness out the window.
Let’s Misbehave! Comedy Romance

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