May 2011 Newsletter

  • Convenor’s Report
  • Crimson Walkway
  • Submission To Auckland Council Draft Annual Plan
  • Friends Of Regional Parks
  • Presentation to Auckland Council Environment and Sustainability Forum
  • Tree Planting in Honour of Beth Burns
  • Awaruku Wetland Planting Day

We are now into a new Society year. From the Annual General Meeting held in March, all members of the previous year’s executive committee were re-elected. We also welcomed two new members on to the committee: Peter Manning and Brian Moore.

Peter has only recently moved into the Long Bay area, and is interested in Park issues. Brian has been our previous treasurer and we are pleased that he is once again able to join us.

With the development of the Long Bay Structure Plan now well underway, it is now time to consider the future directions of the Society. The energies of the Society for the past ten or so years have concentrated on the Long Bay Structure Plan, and the impact of development on Long Bay Regional Park.

To this end we have had a close liaison with the now absorbed North Shore City Council and Auckland Regional Council and played a pivotal part the development of the Long Bay Structure Plan. We are all aware of the mammoth task of gaining our successes in the Environment Court in protecting further land from development, and the energies put into trying to acquire ‘Area D’, the portion of land we believed to be crucial to protect the entrance to the Regional Park, but not protected through the Court. What might be the final version of Long Bay Structure Plan is now before the Environment Court. The Society and other parties have put memo in front of the Court to be considered as part of this.

We now appear to have unofficially assumed a new role as guardian of the Long Bay Regional Park. As part of this we have become watchdog in monitoring aspects of the development, ensuring that the Structure Plan rules are followed. We have been particularly interested in protecting the Marine Reserve from run-off following significant rain events.

Having such an interest in the Long Bay development, we have also been a party in a stakeholders’ group convened by the developers, Todd Property Group, which will meet at regular intervals to discuss issues relevant to the development. We have had two meetings so far. Other members of the group include representatives from o the Bays Hibiscus Local Board, the Department of Conservation and the East Coast Bays Protection Society. This is a forum where we can air some of our members’ concerns.

We were disappointed that the application for Resource Consent for Stage Two of the development was not publically notified, given the public’s great interest in the development. However we have been liaising with relevant Auckland Council councillors and staff requesting that Stage Three be notified.

As you can see, we are still a very active organization, and do appreciate your ongoing support.

Best Wishes,
Chris Bettany

Crimson Walkway

You may recall the original aims for the Society and the catch cry of a 1000 Acres Great Park. While the energies of the past few years have concentrated on protection from development and expanding the existing Park through acquisition of Area D, it is now time to look to other areas of expansion.

There has been a long held vision of developing a Crimson Walkway along the southern side of the Okura Estuary to link with the Haigh’s Access walkway on the northern side of the Estuary. This would likely become part of the Te Araroa National Walkway, a New Zealand-long foot trail. To this end, we have had some preliminary talks with the Auckland Council Manager of Regional Parks as to the feasibility

Submission To Auckland Council Draft Annual Plan

The Society made a submission to the Auckland Council Draft Annual Plan, urging the Council to purchase the two farm houses within the Heritage Protection Area which was acquired for public use by the North Shore City Council, and to plan the acquisition of additional strategic land adjacent to the Long Bay Regional Park in the Okura Catchment for the establishment of the Crimson Walkway as part for the Te Araroa National Walkway. We also requested that applications for Resource Consents for further development within the Long Bay Structure Plan be publically notified.

Friends Of Regional Parks

The Society has paid a subscription to become a member of Friends of Regional Parks, a group formed to work alongside the Auckland Council and volunteer groups in the regional parks as supporters and guardians of the regional parks network, providing vision and education, continuity, protection and a citizen’s voice for the regional parks.

Presentation to Auckland Council Environment and Sustainability Forum

We are making a presentation to the next Environment and Sustainability Forum of the Auckland Council on Tuesday morning (time yet to be confirmed), 21 June 2011, at the Reception Lounge, 2nd Floor of the Auckland Town Hall. We invite as many of you who are interested to attend.

Tree Planting in Honour of Beth Burns

On the same day as the Awaruku Wetland planting, we will also take the opportunity to plant a tree in a different part of the Park as a memorial to Beth Burns, honouring her passion for protecting the Park and the energy and enthusiasm she put in to do this. For those who would like to attend this function, please meet near the bus stop at the entrance of the Park at 1 pm.

Awaruku Wetland Planting Day

Sunday 19 June 2011 10.30am – 1 pm
The Long Bay Regional Park Rangers have requested our assistance in revegetating (planting) a Regional Park area adjacent to the Todd Awaruku Wetland Development on Beach Rd.

The plan is to meet at 10.30am on Sunday 19 June in the car park across the vehicle bridge within the park, and walk the short distance to the site on Beach Rd opposite the end of Long Bay Drive. Wear stout footwear and bring your favourite spade, although a supply will be on hand if needed. A BBQ lunch is being provided.

This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Awaruku wetland development, which will be an outstanding and enduring environmental benefit accruing from the Long Bay Structure Plan Environment Court process, in which your Society, its members and the public at large have invested so much time, effort and hard earned cash. If you cannot come for the whole time, you may like to come for part of it. Come straight to the site.

All welcome. Please tell your friends and family.
See you there!!

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