Welcome to our new website

We are proud and excited to announce the ‘going live’ of our new website. This has many more features than our previous one and will enable your committee to keep you more regularly informed of the any news, the issues we are dealing with, background information, coming events, links to other relevant organisations and websites, and other things relevant to the Society.

The Society is facing the possibility of large expenses for legal and expert advice as we fight to retain what was gained in the Environment Court in regards to the Long Bay development. The Auckland Unitary Plan process has not provided assurance that the rules for the development will be safeguarded; they are at high risk. We are also exploring all options in regards to the proposed development of the Todd-owned land at Okura, land which has been protected from urban development by two major Environment Court decisions.

The website gives an easy facility for members and supporters to pay subscriptions and make donations to the Society to carry out this work. Just press the Donate key and fill out the form to make your payment.

We thank one of our members, John Potter of motuweb.co.nz who did all the work in developing the site. We are extremely grateful to you, John, for the hours you have put into this.

We also wish to thank others who assisted John in ideas for the site.