A Big Thank You Xams 2014

Dear wonderful friends and supporters

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Recently I sent out a letter to our supporters, present and past, explaining that in the process of the Auckland Council’s developing its Auckland Unitary Plan there is a risk that much of what you all had fought for in protecting the waters and beautiful landscapes of Long Bay and Okura could be lost. We also had a public meeting to which about eighty people came at short notice.

We explained that to ensure keeping what the Society and others had achieved will mean going before an independent hearings panel set up by Government. This panel will make recommendations on what is proposed in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and the response to it by a range of submitters, including us. It will be a lengthy and costly process much akin to going before the Environment Court.

Your response has been immediate and overwhelming, strongly supporting that the Society does all it can to maintain the protections. In doing the investigatory work, we incurred some large expenses, and thanks to your wonderful generosity, these initial costs have been met and our expert advice is that all these protections are worth fighting for.

Of course, this is just the beginning. We are now in the process of preparing for eleven hearings and all entailed to do this. We need to raise further substantial funding and are organising a number of fundraising activities and events to begin in the New Year.

But this now is just a short letter to express our sincere appreciation for your heart-warming, generous and prompt support to start us on the process. It is indeed gratifying to know that you all think we must continue this fight.

May you all have a very happy Christmas and we wish you every good wish for the New Year.

Kind regards
Chris Bettany