Fundraising movie – Poi E

Bridgeway Theatre Sunday 14 August
6PM start
122 Queen St, Northcote Point, Auckland

Tickets: $20 each
To book: please contact Lezette Reid 021 872 222
or Jenny Anderson 021 181 6201

Fresh from the International Film Festival, the story of musician Dalvanius Prime and the origin of the song “Poi E”, a ground-breaking fusion o 1980s pop and traditional Maori music.

Russell Baillie, in his review in Herald after seeing the film in the Festival, says that anyone heading along to the movie should be warned: “You’ll laugh, you’ll possibly cry, yes you’ll get that damn tune stuck in your head for days. But you may even learn some of its lyrics other than that chorus. It’ll be worth it.”

Poi E Poster

If you would like to join us for this event, it may pay to book early as there is high demand for tickets.