Amazing News – Auckland Council votes to protect the Okura Estuary!

Today the Council voted to not move the urban boundary to the southern side of the Okura Estuary. So the beautiful Okura Estuary has been saved!

We had an incredible turnout! 100 people from all over Auckland gathered at the Council meeting to make a stand against the development.

Thanks to absolutely everyone who has helped on this incredible journey! And a special thanks to all our supporters who came to the many Council meetings over the last few days.

The vote was 16 to 2 opposed to moving the urban boundary to the southern side of Okura.
Opposed: Anae, Brewer, Brown, Casey, Clow, Cooper, Darby, Fletcher, Hulse, Lee, Penrose, Stewart, J Walker, W Walker, Waston, Wood
For: Webster, Cashmore
Absent: Filipaina, Krum, Quax

Okura Estuary 3

You can watch the debate here:

Part 1 – starts at 6.45min

Part 2

Part 3