About the LBOGP Society

The society was formed in 1996 to convince local, regional and central government to work together with us for the creation of a 1,000 acre Great Park at Long Bay – Okura in North Auckland. This area currently has over 1.3 million visitors per year.


The society has a financial membership of about 800.

We welcomed the acquisition by the North Shore City Council of additional reserve land at the northern end of the area but are seriously concerned about the inevitable degradation that would result from residential and commercial development along the boundary of the remaining ARC Regional Reserve. Our efforts are concentrated on saving the existing rural aspect and environmental values of the present parkland.

2021 Executive Committee
Convenor: Bruce Usher
Deputy Convenor/Fundraiser: Teresa Moore
Acting Secretary: Dagmar Simon Treasurer: Barry Tripp
Nathan Pont
Geoff Reid
Chair Regional Park Volunteers subcommittee: Elaine Pollock