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March 2014 Newsletter

  • The PAUP and the LBSP
  • PAUP and Okura
  • AGM – guest speaker Dr Roger Grace

We are now well into the New Year and I am glad to at last be able to up-date you on where we are up to in regards to the concerns we have had with the Auckland Unitary Plan.
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November 2013 Newsletter

  • The Society’s response to the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan
  • What is proposed for Okura greenfields
  • Monitoring of Long Bay Structure Plan
  • Friends of Okura Bush

We have been dealing with some big issues over the past weeks, namely, the inclusion of the Long Bay Structure Plan provisions in the the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan; and the consideration being given by the Auckland Council to residential development of the greenfield land at Okura as a Special Housing Area.
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Change the Unitary Plan

All that we have fought for through the Environment Court could be lost if the draft Unitary Plan is not changed.

The draft Unitary Plan makes much of what we have fought for null and void. If we do not act now, everything we have achieved so far may be lost.
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March 2013 Newsletter

  • Crimson Walkway
  • Proposed Changes To Resource Management Act
  • A Good Keen Neighbour
  • Long Bay Development Update

It is time to elect our new committee. As I have mentioned previously, we have a small committee and we would welcome new members on to it.
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September 2012 Newsletter

  • Monitoring sedimentation and run-off
  • Crimson Walkway
  • Heritage Protection Area to public ownership
  • Long Bay Development update
  • Living Legends Planting Day

How we value your continued support. We have been having a much quieter year than previous years, with the development that we wished to contain (we could never prevent it all) well underway.
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March 2012 Newsletter

  • Convenor’s Report
  • Where To Now For The Great Park Society?

The beginning of the year has been quite quiet, relative to the intensity of the work that has been undertaken by the committee over the past years, with a flurry in December last year.
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