A path from Long Bay through Okura to Orewa

Proposed Crimson Walkway - from Opus 2013 Feasibility Study.

Proposed Crimson Walkway – from Opus 2013 Feasibility Study.

July 2013 Feasibility Study by Opus



The Crimson Walkway Feasibility Study for the Hibiscus-Bays local board was delivered in July 2013.

The proposed route is reviewed, and recommendations about staging are made. The report includes detailed maps.

March 2013 newsletter

I remind Society members of our original aim and catch-cry: a thousand acre Great Park. While that may not be feasible with the loss of green space to the new development so close to the Long Bay Regional Park boundary, we are still looking to extend public space at the northern end by developing the Okura Walkway from Piripiri Point on the southern coast of the Okura Estuary to link to the Okura township.

The long-term goal is to link to the Haigh’s Access walkway to Stillwater, and ultimately, to link with the newly developed Orewa walkways. But it will be first steps first, and the Society at this point is primarily concerned with the Long Bay- Okura area. We are still at very early stages of the project with the Hibiscus-Bays local board planning a feasibility study.

September 2012 newsletter

As has been mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Society was delighted to learn that the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board allocated $15,000.00 in its last annual plan for a feasibility study to develop a Crimson Walkway linking the northern end of Long Bay to Okura. This idea was mooted about fifteen years ago by the then North Shore City Council and strongly supportedby our Society which has included recommendations for this in our submissions to the previous North Shore City and Auckland Regional Councils and to the Hibiscus and Bays Board and Auckland Council. We see this as fitting within the Society’s original objective of enlarging the Long Bay Regional Park.

We are pleased to tell you that a Project Plan for the Crimson Walkway is currently being prepared by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and it is hoped that it will be ready for presentation to the Facilities and Reserves Committee of the Local Board by the end of the month. If approved, this will be an initial step only, and a feasibility study will then need to be undertaken. At this point, we do not know what involvement the Society will have, but we continue to support the concept.

Long Bay Coastal Walkway

Long Bay Coastal Walkway 2012

March 2012 newsletter

As you may recall when we were actively seeking the funds to acquire ‘Area D’ adjacent to the Heritage Protection Area, the then Auckland Regional Council requested our support in developing a Crimson Walkway linking the regional park to Okura and ultimately linking with the Haigh’s Access Walkway on the northern side of the Okura Estuary.

The opportunity still exists for the expansion of the Park particularly in the Okura catchment. The Crimson Walkway linking Long Bay through to Okura and ultimately the DOC forest reserve on the northern shore of the Okura Estuary and the Te Araroa Walkway beyond is a particularly exciting project to work for.

May 2011 newsletter

There has been a long held vision of developing a Crimson Walkway along the southern side of the Okura Estuary to link with the Haigh’s Access walkway on the northern side of the Estuary. This would likely become part of the Te Araroa National Walkway, a New Zealand-long foot trail. To this end, we have had some preliminary talks with the Auckland Council Manager of Regional Parks as to the feasibility.

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